Stacy Norris

Coach, Consultant and Mentor for Women Business Owners

To me, small business success is about far more than profit. It's about feeding your wallet and your soul while also having the freedom to raise your family and live your life.

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Ready to start a business but have no idea where to begin?Tired of your business feeling like pushing a boulder up a hill?

Building my business has been amazing, and rewarding, and empowering, and also HARD. It has been lonely, and scary at times. I've been stuck. I have gotten off track. I have struggled with mom guilt!I have invested in training and coaching along the way and things really clicked for me when I learned to filter the information and follow my gut, to leverage what feels good and aligned for me and leave what doesn't.My superpower is combining bits and pieces of my professional experience, trainings, coaching, personal experiences and natural gifts to create shortcuts for others.As your coach, I will walk alongside you and guide you to...
- Affirm YOUR definition of success (let go of "the shoulds")
- Make decisions that are right for you
- Take strategic and aligned action (no more chasing shiny objects or following cookie cutter plans)
- Notice how your thoughts, emotions, energy, and behavior patterns impact your progress
- Overcome obstacles
- Establish boundaries and balance
- Increase your confidence
- Stay accountable to yourself
You will achieve your goals faster and easier than you would going it alone, and the journey will be much more fun!Are you ready to get started? Request a call today!


Hi, I am Stacy.
Wife, Mom, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur
I am on a mission to uplift and empower fellow entrepreneurs who share my belief that small business success is about far more than money. It's about having the energy and freedom to raise your family while also growing the bottom line. It’s about leaving a legacy and making an impact.I spent the early part of my career (20+ years) in healthcare and found my way from clinical, to care coordination, to practice management. In 2017, I saw a need for Children's Etiquette classes in my area so I became an instructor and began offering workshops alongside my job. It was enjoyable and rewarding, but not enough to continue spending the evening and weekend time away from my family. I started my current business in 2020, initially offering personal assistant and administrative support. After realizing fairly quickly that I prefer people and project management, I modified my offer. I went on to pursue certification as a director of operations and recognized that my true gifts lie in strategy, coaching and mentoring. These activities also happen to bring me the most joy!Through hard work, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and honoring what feels good to me, I have created a satisfying and profitable business, that supports me in showing up as the wife and mom I want to be.I would love nothing more than to help you do the same.Reach out today if you'd like to learn more about how I can help.


I am on a mission to help you create a business and life that you love.Let's Start A Conversation!

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